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Welcome to Elite Curaçao Gaming

We play for fun, but we also play competitive. For games that have 10+ players, we will make a division for it that will engage in competitive gaming. Our website will be used as a place to get general info, where you will find different tutorials in the future, guides and help in the different sections of different games. But, our main source of socializing will be TeamSpeak 3 and our Facebook Page. Additionally we have an IT Department where if you have any question about anything computer related. Other community members can answer them for you and/or help you solve your computer problems.

We have a TeamSpeak 3 Server which we encourage all our members to use on a daily basis. It will allow better communication throughout gaming and will be a lot less noisy then Skype, which can give you a great advantage while playing FPS games like Call of Duty and Overwatch. Besides that we talk, laugh, share funny links and video’s. We have separate channels for streaming music for all the DJ’s and also some channels where you can watch series and even sync and watch them together. We also have discord for the faithful lovers of it!

Our goal is to make this community a place where gamers can call home. We will use our resources to make our servers better, experiences to make  this a funner place and we will be using our contributions to host several events like LAN parties and tournaments with awesome prizes.

Visit our Facebook Page to keep up fast with all the events and Prizes!

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