Community Reboot Survey

We are going to disband Elite Curacao Gaming. A new community is going to be created with a new name, fresh vision, new goals and new people to connect with. The details why we are closing ECG will be released at a later date on the Facebook Page, but for now we need your help in making the new community a better place where everyone can feel at home and do the thing we all came together to do: Gaming!

Please fill out this Survey to your best abilities, we will take every valid suggestion very seriously. Thank you in advanced!

  • What made ECG feel at home for you? What were you content about with?
  • What made you feel bad at ECG? What made you discontent or leave?
  • What are your suggestions for the new community? Things we can change or new things we can do?
  • If there was anything else you'd like to say, here's your chance!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.