Becoming a part of the community means you automatically agree to these rules and agreements. 
Please note that these are global throughout our websites and servers


1. Respect one another and be polite.
Starting from the Staff to the guest that visits us. Respect everyone and treat everyone equally. 

This being said:

  • Do not Flame or insult others.
  • No racist or sexist comments.
  • Do not verbally abuse others.
  • No offensive/Sexual names are allowed.
  • No harassment or sexual harassment allowed.
  • No posting threads or replies that might/offend(s) others.
  • No spamming.
  • Do not bump dead threads.

2. We do not allow out of site advertisement. The topics should remain aimed at the community members.

  • No threads that are rude, violent, cruel or harassing.
  • No topics about drugs, alcohol, discrimination, sexism, racism or political arguments.
  • No phishing sites links are allowed to be posted.
  • No pornographic images, videos, links ,texts, gross or anything else not safe and/or offensive to others.

3. Members & Visitors are requested to post in primarily English. Our second language is Papiamentu which is also allowed if you are unable to speak in English.

4. The Staff, Moderating/Supporting team reserves the right on any post to edit, remove or put on moderation queue at any time.
Users who feel that they have been wrongly warned/banned, you may discuss this with a Founder or Community Leader.

5. Signatures & Avatars are allowed.

  • Signatures cannot contain more then 2 images. Overly sized images are not allowed.
  • Signatures & Avatars may not contain anything related to discrimination, racism or pornography.


1. By registering to this site you agree that you are at the age of 13 or above.
2. You are mature and will not be offending or annoying any other Members or Visitors.
3. You understand that you are joining a family and will not cause any disturbance between the Members.
4. Gaming, fun and making the community better are your primary goals.
5. You understand that you are free to give your opinion about anything and it will be heard, but the final decisions are up to the Staff.
6. You agree that you will follow the rules stated above.
7. You understand that if you are here as a couple, you will be held responsible for dealing with your own relationship.
While ALL Members are requested and required to respect one another, the community will not be held accountable for any disloyalty , flirting, cheating that happens under our servers. 
This being said, if you are flirtatious with someone or talking to them in a way they find offensive, this falls under harassment or sexual harassment and you will be warned and/or punished for it.
Please note that our website and servers are not a dating site or service. 
8. You understand that no Staff or Administrator will ever ask you for your login or password information.
Do not share your personal information with anyone on this website.
9. Cat-fishing is strictly prohibited. Be who you are. Everyone is treated equally.  


1. Do not copy names or constantly change names.
2. Do not spam or bother other users with pokes or messages.
3. Channel hopping is not allowed (Constantly switching between channels). 
4. Voice changers cannot be used in an annoying or cat-fishing way.
5. Recording is not allowed if it violates the privacy of other members.
You have to ask permission of the people in your channel first if you wish to start recording.
6. Do not send scream, porn,phishing or anything that can harm other users. 
7. Trolling is not allowed.
8. Advertisement is not allowed. 
9. Use AFK channels if you will be talking in other Teamspeaks while in our public or member channels.
If you will be talking in another teamspeak for more then 5 minutes please use the afk channels.
Moderators reserve the right to move you if you do not do so yourself. 
10. If you are gaming, please use the public channels.
You are allowed to create your own temporary channel, but let these be used for private matters. 
Remember that our goal here is to unite the Community.
11. Using any means to bypass regulations can further escalate the existing matter.

All rules apply to every member of the Community at all times.