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About Us

Hello all Hobbyist, and welcome to Empire Capital Gaming. We are proud to announce the very first store in America dedicated to all of you Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering fans out there.

This is the first store of its kind from our sister Company in Vietnam.

It is a pleasure to provide you with tips, tricks, and gear to start your hobbyist adventure.  In addition to regular hobby store services, we also offer you various levels of commission painting for your hobby miniatures ranging from different levels to meet your needs. We also have flexible pricing for those services as well. In addition to that, we provide free painting classes for beginners.

We also run tournaments for various levels and leagues for players. We post on Meetup the app for social events too. Keep in mind you can also come in and host an event for free. Contact us to host events past store hours.

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Contac us via email phone, Facebook and Instagram

  • 595 E Crossville STE 200 Roswell GA 30075

  • +1 470 292 3665

  • 404 960 2231


  • Instagram: ecgpainting

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