Battle Ready:

Battle Ready is the 3 colors basic option for a miniature, the most economic suitable for everyone budget. If you want to just have a decent looking army on mass to play in the battlefield this is your choice.

Table top standard

Battle Ready plus basic shadowing, and shade and base. This is the most popular standard for all the common soldier they look good on mass as well by themselves. They also make your characters standout among the crowd when painted in higher option.

High standard

Table top standard with highlight, glazing, and advance basing your army will look better than 80% of all army out there at your local game store. This option is also the most popular option that we have been working with. Treat your army with love and care so your roll improve; high standard is where you show that love.

Over the top Max option

Want something really stand out from the crowd, a golden demon entry worthy, something to be praised and always so nice to look at. This is where your or our imaginary ran wild. Over the top option allow you to pick and choose whatever you want to do with your miniature. This option take a lot of time and resources but the trade is totally worth it. Any miniature in this level is worthy to be immortalize in the field of battle as well as in the display case.

Commission price chart per unit

Service optionTroop, Infrantry,VehiclesSuper HeavySpecial
Small unit(scarab, gretchin, goblin)Medium unit (fire warrior, old marine)Large Unit (primaris marine, Stormcast Warrior)Oversize Unit (Terminator)Small (Regular Dreadnaught, Predator)Medium (Hammerhead, Landraider, Leman Russ, Primaris Dreadnaught)Large (Flyer, Hemlock, Valkyrie)Knight, Baneblade, MonolithHQ, characters, Forgeworld
Battle Ready$ 4.00$ 6.00$ 8.00$ 10.00$ 15.00$ 25.00$ 35.00$ 50.00Varied
Tabletop Standard$ 6.00$ 8.00$ 10.00$ 12.00$ 25.00$ 35.00$ 50.00$ 100.00Varied
High Standard$ 8.00$ 10.00$ 12.00$ 16.00$ 40.00$ 60.00$ 75.00$ 150.00Varied
Max over the topVariedVariedVariedVariedVariedVariedVariedVariedVaried


1. Discount for buying the product from ECG

2. Discount for project with 20 models or more

3. Price chart only for reference only the price may varied depend on the model as well as customer request

4. The price only applied to unassembly model, assembly model will incur 20% service fee

5. Resin/metal model will incur a 20-30% higher price compare to plastic counterpart

6. Turn around time will depend on how large or small the project are

7. There will be shipping cost for non-local customer depend on the project

8. All of our work will use high quality Citadel or Vallejo Color,